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Unique entry point for your news, covering all communication channels – web, mail, and social media.
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ePressPack offers innovative communication solutions for Public relations in the digital age: multimedia, multi-channel, multi-format press releases, press kits and newsrooms.

Launched in 2011, ePressPack was created to help companies boost their media and influencer communications.



With an entirely customizable newsroom solution, directly integrated to a company’s website, we enable our clients to create announcements with photos, videos and infographics and to distribute it to their key targets via interactive emails.

An ePressPack newsroom enables a PRO in one action to create interactive news releases, newsletters, product updates, invites … beyond “one-way” communications.


PR Vitrine

The newsroom can also host live webcasts, conferences, private events and polls.

With almost 200 clients worldwide, ePressPack is a PR vitrine for global brands such as Accor, Louis Vuitton, Orange, Pernod, Renault Nissan, Sanofi, Swarovski, The BodyShop…while partnering with agencies across the six continents.


With an ePressPack Newsroom

Generate and disseminate
HTML emails

With one unique entry point – your back office – generate and disseminate
HTML emails to drive your audiences again and again to your
online newsroom, and help you build your own audience

Responsive Web Design

An approach that suggests that design and development should respond
to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size,
platform and orientation.

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