About epresspack

Epresspack was founded in 2011 by Antoun Sfeir to offer companies, organization and brands, innovative solutions for Digital Marketing, Press and Public Relations. Epresspack has developed innovative software content management solutions, enhancing how international brands and their respective PR agencies, manage, publish and distribute news and information. 

The challenge today for many Marketing/Communication professionals is managing the engagement of multiple stakeholder audiences, increasing share of voice, and utilising in-house resources more effectively. Our all-in-one digital newsroom solutions (CMS/CRM/email/analytics) help support this – enabling you to maximise the potential impact for your content communications, assess and evolve your strategies moving forward, and reduce internal administrative processes. 

Through our digital content factories solutions, our clients are experiencing increased engagement and interaction with their news and information content, more click-throughs, greater visibility amongst media, influencers ad other stakeholders, increased exposure across their social media channels and greater insight to the effectiveness of their communication and content strategies. 

Our bespoke solutions which can be seamlessly integrated within our client’s website, are entirely responsive across mobile and tablet, and by means of a dedicated intuitive CMS enable full management for the publication, distribution and analysis of your PR and communications simultaneously. 

We are a fast-growing company with +300 clients such as Aston Martin, AstraZeneca, AG Insurance, ING, Christian Aid, Tommy Hilfiger, Accor Hotels, BNP Paribas, The Body Shop, Dove, Kering Swarovski, Suzuki, Sanofi, Louis Vuitton, European Petrochemical Association, iCandy, Pernod Ricard, Longchamp, Evian and more. Epresspack have offices in Paris, London, New York and Montreal.

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